Have you ever waited for the rains under the Goan skies? It is like a canvas of colours being thrown steadily. From the clear azure to the subdued greys and finally to the midnight blue, it changes in a matter of a few minutes. And if the sunset was a fiery orange one, expect to see the remains of the spark on the cloud cover. It is probably the only place where rainbows scatter away happily, revealing their true, individualistic colours.


But in case that seems too poetic for your tastes, you can always explore a different aspect of Goa.


Heritage Homes


The heritage mansions of South Goa take pride in their decor, charms and history. The very popular Menezes Braganza Pereira house is perhaps the most well maintained. Estimated to be 350 years old, this Portuguese bungalow is adorned with exquisite curios, artefacts, chandeliers, porcelain and antique. Probably none like you’d see anywhere else. The other interesting aspect is that it is still partly inhabited by the original descendants.


Helpful information: Open from 9AM to 5PM, check hours on Sunday. No entry fee. Leave a donation on exit, if you please.


In the quiet, sleepy village of Loutolim is the Salvador Da Costa Mansion. Built in the 19th Century, this mansion breathes elegance. The pastel balcony and the drooping trees, add to the introverted nature of the house. Here you can admire the mosaic flooring, alongside their Cantonese porcelain, stain-glass windows and rosewood antique furniture.


Helpful information: You need to contact the owner prior a visit.


Food and Cultural Festival


Love Goa’s food? The 5-day Food and Cultural Festival gives you an excuse to completely immerse yourself in the state’s authentic culinary delights. This you can enjoy with their traditional cultural performances. The event hopes to bring together and impersonate Goa from home, hotels and every corner. With the food stalls lined up and the fireworks embellishing the event, we are sure you will remember this one.


Helpful information: The event will be held from April 6 to 10, at Panjim’s Bandodkar Ground.