It is quiet, green and brimming with natural life—Goa in Monsoons is as close as you can get to nature. With the abundant flock of birds and sounds of reptiles, who come out to celebrate the rains, the variation in visitors can also be clearly demarcated. In the month of July, Goa is essentially visited only by those who wish to immerse themselves in the serene Goan lifestyle.

Here are some of the activities which bring out the Monsoons completely.

Long Walks

The beaches are empty and allow an exclusive opportunity where you can spend hours walking along the shore. Even though the pattern of the rains is unpredictable, mornings are dry and provide some brilliant sky textures. Some tea shops are open and welcome light banter with locals. This is a perfect way to wrap up those long, satisfying walks in the beach. If you enjoy a good, uninterrupted run in the rains, this is your golden chance. With the weather so brilliant, Goa wears a different charm in the rains.

Wildlife Brushes

Choose between the number of sanctuaries within the state to get a glimpse on how rich the animal and the reptile life here is. The popular Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is about 35 kilometres from Margao and is most frequented by families. The other names include the lush green Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary which is nestled deep in the north-eastern heart of Goa. And then there is Mollem National Park in the south, known for its jungle safaris. A favourite of nature lovers is Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in the southern most of Goa, which is rich in birdlife. And the best part about all these natural forests is that they have beautiful therapeutic trails to explore.

The Dudhsagar Hike

One of the major attractions of Goa in the rains is the majestic Dudhsagar Falls. Every year a bunch of climbers and enthusiastic vacationers hike up to see this waterfalls in all its might and beauty. Replicating its name, the visual is indeed like a sea of milk plummeting through the curves of the green Konkan hills. There are four trekking routes to this falls. Though the one from Castle Rock railway station and the Collem railway station are the most sought-after in the rains.