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May 24, 2018

Welcoming Spring in Goa

If you woke up in any part of Goa in March, you would know that Spring is in full bloom. From the reduced decibels in North Goa to the seasonal flowers in South Goa, the entire stretch of the state prepares itself for the beautiful season.

Though the Goan festivities and the tourist season is still on, but most travellers and locals are happy to welcome March, while pre-empting the upcoming Monsoons.

The major festival this month is the bright and colourful Shigmostav. This Goan Spring festival honours the return of the warriors who had departed their home-state, during Dusshera to fight the invaders. It is now celebrated with rich vigour of parades and fold performances and local dances. Perhaps just another reason for people to come together.

If you are a traveller, hoping to experience your first Spring in Goa, you are spoilt with options. Even with the sober levels in the air, there is much to do here. Pick a favourite from the experiences below and explore unbound!

The lush green ways of Goa. Photo by Saad Faruque/Flickr CC.

Experience nature

Goa’s natural habitat comes alive now. Visit the quiet environs of Cotigao Bird Sanctuary. Between the Karnataka border and beyond the sounds of the Goan waters of Palolem and other southern beaches, lies this 86 sq. km. grove of deciduous woods. This sanctuary is rich in biodiversity and sees a very healthy mix of birds like heart-spotted woodpecker, Malabar trogon and many more. Best known for its tall trees, visit this eco-space for some green therapy.

Outdoor fun. Photo by Gayatri Krishnamoorthy/Flickr CC.

Experience water adventure

If wandering around a forest isn’t your idea of fun, immerse yourself in some adrenaline rush. Kayaking is quite a popular choice in Palolem beach either in the morning or in the early evening. The beach is lined with a number of kayak rentals—both single and double seaters. Goa Kayaking is also a very good option for kayaking as well as canoeing.

Looking for something more adventurous? Try scuba diving in north Goa or canoeing in South. Popular spots for the former are around Candolim (Dive Goa) and Bogmalo (Goa Diving). Since the latter is similar to kayaking, a couple of operators are happy to facilitate the sport.

Canyoning is also a much sought-after watersports in Goa. And Goa Jungle Adventure is well-reputed in the seasonal business. Enjoy your last rendezvous with the Goa waters before the sun gets unbearable and it closes for Monsoons.

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About the author: Amrita is a freelance travel writer and full-time travel blogger at Travelling Ides of March . She quit her corporate job to become a traveller. She has been contributing to some of the top publications in India and internationally. She propagates female solo travel and shares her experiences from off-beat, culture and adventure travel through her writing. She tweets at @Amrita_Dass.

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